Yesterday a little light went out from the world. My father in law, Joseph Abela passed away in his sleep. Joseph hailed from the tiny speck that is Malta; an island nation that has weathered countless storms over the course of its long history. The earliest European civilisations inhabited the archipelago, which sits a stone’s […]

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Of Clouds and Imaginary CGI…

Sometimes, my thoughts are in the clouds… Alien life in the cloud tops of distant worlds is the hot topic… Volcanoes rage across Hawaii, altering their local environments and adding exotic chemistries to the atmosphere. How much importance do clouds have as an ecological niche? Listen to this episode of my podcast, AstroBiological, AstroBiological: Alien […]

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A Universe in Plain Human

Podcasting! It’s surprising how easy it is to create podcasts. Using at least a smartphone and the Anchor FM app it is possible to produce your own fully fledged talk show, news show, or any thing you want! I’ve recently begun this journey and so far it’s been fun. Right now the shows are a […]

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Some New Directions

Hey all. I’m finally excited about something for the first time in awhile. I recently received a tablet from my LOVELY wife. It’s a Wacom Intuos Pro. I have been wanting an art tablet for years now. I had one once, but it was a slow, crappy little thing on slow crappy little computers. This […]

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Imagineering: Hiding in the Past

Hi all. A very recent post stated my intent to explore the notion of abandoned space-borne structures. Abandonment in general is a beautiful and melancholy place to find oneself in sometimes. Anyone who likes to explore lost and lonely places would no doubt be aware of a keen and poignant sense of displacement, coupled with […]

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Exploring Titan: a Channel Update

My tiny little channel lives! I’m almost at 200 subscribers. UPDATE: 3rd APRIL 2018 200 Subscribers! Back to the post. That is peanuts, but it tells me this channel is definitely trending on an upward trajectory. My most recent video “A Brief History of Astrobiology” is doing well (hint, check it out!) Watch it for […]

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An Accidental Ecosystem in Space

Update: I’m always interested in podcasting, and I’ve created an episode of a tentative series on the Anchor app. It’s just this blog post read out. Convenient for those whom listening is a better way to digest content. Here’s the link: Listen to my segment “Abandonment among the stars” on Anchor: https://anchor.fm/astro-biological/episodes/Ecosystems-in-an-Abandoned-Megastructure-e1e59n/Abandonment-among-the-stars-a3bp5i Imagine this. It’s […]

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