Beam me up, Squiddy

Science is important. It doesn’t fall to someone like me to explain why this is the case, but it’s as plain as the nose on my face. Virtually every aspect of human life these days is the result of science,  mathematics or engineering. Just think about it and you’ll see what I mean.  Now, I […]

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Harder than it looks.

Ok. So, as a handful of people on this planet know, I make Youtube videos. They’re not widely subscribed to yet, (or ever?) but I keep on making them because they’re fun and interesting. Plus I need to remain involved with science somehow, instead of watching my degree moulder away on a wall.  I am […]

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Non-human microbiomes

This post drew on elements of my own Honours project, which I undertook in 2008. Yes, it’s been awhile, but I still love science. I hope this is interesting to someone. Please feel free to comment. Microbiomes seem to be the talk of the town at the moment. This microbial underworld is intrinsically linked to […]

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