#OddPuzzlePieces 1

Obscure facts make life interesting, don’t you think? Do you have any weird facts to share?

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Soundtrack: the opening theme of “The Big Bang Theory”   When I was in university I majored in Earth Sciences and Biology, thinking this was some sort of suitable compromise with my then academic ambitions. You see, I’d really wanted to study palaeontology. It had been one of those vague childhood longings that had not […]

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Sons of War: The view from Phobos

The crackling airwaves reverberate with the ethereal radio noise of the universe. You’re sitting cross-legged in fine regolith staring out into the big empty. You reach down and tune the receiver on your space suit, trying to lock in some broadcasts from Mars. It’s pretty quiet down there today.  Traffic is slow. There sure as […]

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