Welcome and thanks for hopping on


Just a very short post. A big thank you to newcomers to this blog. I’m in the midst of transplanting myself from YouTube to the world of blogging..I already know I’m going to enjoy this far more. I’ve always liked writing, and can say the things I want to say in this format. 

Like a bacteriophage I’m digging into the juice entrails of some new story..and loving it.

Having said that, live streaming, particularly on Periscope and Periscope Producer is definitely a direction I want to move in as well. Both formats are quite fluid and lack the restrictions that a schedule of making videos (or trying to) imposes on you.  

Follow me on Periscope and tag along. Feel absolutely free to jump into a discussion.  It’s what I love! 

I have a few ideas for the Periscope stuff, including a way to integrate blog posts with live video. Perhaps reading a post- with video and pictures/effects added of course! 

My Periscope topics can be random, but hopefully interesting.

Facebook Live seems to be getting a lot of love these days, but for the life of me I can’t seem to make the damn thing gain traction. Zero viewers,  zero engagement. Pity really.  

My Ben’s Lab Facebook page has several thousand page likes. If I could produce videos for that audience it’d be awesome. Again,  practically zero engagement. 

It all leaves me scratching my head. 

But not to worry. Enjoy this blog, hunt me down on Periscope,  and let’s start a conversation. 


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