C.S.I. : #Ceres

Space lost its innocence today…Hardboiled and underpaid, accompany a space cop at the crime scene of the future.

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#OddPuzzlePieces 2

A definite bone theme this week! Sifting through a veritable deluge of science and random factoids this week it seemed that bones and facts about bones seemed to be all that came my way! That’s odd in itself, but what do you do? What I love about this kind of post and researching it is […]

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The Memory Effect

33 Light Years The monster fled across the mountain and the dead man followed… A G-type main sequence star dropped to the horizon, blazing quietly behind the clouds. It would be night time soon. It came too quickly on this world. The days just moved too fast. The monster would never be used to it. […]

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