2018: Onward! A thank you


Happy New Year!

2018 lies before me, and I can’t sleep. What do you do when you can’t sleep? You write a blog post. The last hour has been a blur, as I’ve tweeted, posted, video’ed, recorded and generally spread new year cheer across the social media sphere (or my own tiny little corner of it).

2017 was a pretty good year from my point of view, in terms of approaching a learning curve pretty well. My channel continues to be small, but it is growing. Twitter generally continues to be fun, although 2017 was marred by an ever encroaching tide of bile and craziness surging up from some plain divisive people. The solution to hearing things you don’t like? Block, block, block! Such a simple and elegant solution! Twitter was becoming out of hand, but in the last few months I’ve been steadily blocking folks from the more insane and divisive corners of society, and I’ve never looked back!

My channel underwent a bit of rebranding a few months ago, and I’ve been happy with the result. After YouTube decided not to monetise tiny channels such as mine I realised that this gave me the freedom to do whatever I wanted, and to not worry so much about opinions. I mean, who’s watching and what do I have to lose? It’s actually helped me and my mindset toward the channel and the creative side of things.


A facebook group I’ve started is doing well too. Membership is growing quickly, and it’s been a great way of meeting other science lovers.


And there’s this little ol’ blog. Thank you very much to readers and those who have followed it. 2018 will be bigger and better, I promise!

Happy New Year!


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