A Universe in Plain Human


Podcasting! It’s surprising how easy it is to create podcasts. Using at least a smartphone and the Anchor FM app it is possible to produce your own fully fledged talk show, news show, or any thing you want!

I’ve recently begun this journey and so far it’s been fun. Right now the shows are a loose collection of items of interest from daily astrobiology headlines and readings of my favourite posts from this blog.

I’m yet to explore what’s out there, but there’s a lot.

The beauty of Anchor is it lets you podcast anywhere you want. There is a desktop version which lets you upload prerecorded audio files to their site.

I’m beginning to use Audacity, a freely available software package to add some more complexity to my productions:

Here is the latest upload.

Listen to this episode of my podcast, AstroBiological, AstroBiological: Metal Madness, Visiting 16 Psyche https://anchor.fm/astro-biological/episodes/AstroBiological-Metal-Madness–Visiting-16-Psyche-e1i4f9

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