#OddPuzzlePieces no. 4

Like any child, science is embarrassed by its parents, and the search for bizarre beasts is one of them. It continues to this day…

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Happy Canada Day!

  This post is a small tribute to the great nation of Canada. This amazing country has many reasons to hold it’s head up high. It is a progressive advanced country which is on my list of must see destinations. One day I may even make it my home. Those open spaces….We have plenty of […]

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#OddPuzzlePieces 2

A definite bone theme this week! Sifting through a veritable deluge of science and random factoids this week it seemed that bones and facts about bones seemed to be all that came my way! That’s odd in itself, but what do you do? What I love about this kind of post and researching it is […]

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