Hi all. I haven’t put up a post in a few weeks. Sorry to anyone who follows this blog and enjoys my occasional rant. I have been in several states of mind about many things lately and they’ve all been taking me off my game. Personal issues and growing realisations about many aspects of my […]

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Europa: Life Beneath the Ice?

The Chicken and the Egg   There’s an old theory known as Panspermia,  which hypothesises that life got its initial leg up on Earth (around 4-3.5 billion years ago) after a long journey across space. According to this theory, (which at the very least is quite reasonable) the ingredients and precursor molecules for life hitched […]

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100 Subscribers!

A very tiny post today. More of an announcement, really.   My tiny little channel, my aggravating, sometimes soul destroying little attempt to rewrite my own destiny has reached 100 subscribers!  Big deal, sayest thou?  It’s a big deal to me!  Thanks to any and all who browse my posts from time to time who […]

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Doing Something Right

Even though I call myself a man of science, looking at it realistically I’m not anymore. Yes, I did get through a Science Degree, and then went on to do Honours. I would have gone further, but life did it’s thing. Anyway. Them’s the breaks, right? In the ensuing years I have fought hard to […]

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