Soundtrack: the opening theme of “The Big Bang Theory”   When I was in university I majored in Earth Sciences and Biology, thinking this was some sort of suitable compromise with my then academic ambitions. You see, I’d really wanted to study palaeontology. It had been one of those vague childhood longings that had not […]

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#Symbiosis: meeting at transitions

A strange, hybrid world exists at the interface between humanity and nature. An attenuated disaster ecology, where nature easily comes to terms with the remnants of civilisation…

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Venus is a dead world like it’s unfortunate sibling Mercury. Both planets are perilously close to our sun. Mercury lies only 58 million km from Sol and Venus is still uncomfortably close at 108.2 million km. However this cloud coated beauty orbits serenely on the very inner cusp of what astronomers call the “Goldilocks Zone”

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